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List of Massage, Manicures, Pedicures, & Nails

⟩ Description of Services

Meditating Massage–Wellness Studio offers three types of services: massage therpapy, manicures and pedicures. Our favorite massage amoung our clients, is the "Neck and Back Massage". The preferred pedicure is the simple pedicure as well as our manicures.

Our Prices are "thoughtfully priced", considering the economy. Meditating Massage is a "Coupon friendly" studio by matching other massage therapy and nail care coupons.

Come experience one of Columbia's premier massage therapy and nail studios, located in the heart of downtown Columbia.

Meditating Massage-Wellness Studio provides a range of professional services and impeccable customer service to meet your serenity needs. Services range from therapeutic massages and hydrotherapy foot treatments, to gel polish manicure enhancements and spa pedicures.