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Where Wellness is Necessary.

Our philosphy

We emphasize the balance of one’s health and well-being by concentrating on stress management, fasical restrictions, and healthy lifestyle habits. Through our techniques and our ability to communicate with the minds and bodies of our clients, we offer a true transformational experience. Clients will learn about relaxation, breathing, surrendering control, and letting go of the mind which will enable them to achieve the inner peace needed for stress relief, stress management, pain management, and mood enhancement. We strongly believe in the healing effects of massage, making it a necessary part of healthy living.

Quick look

Meditating Massage Wellness Studio offers three types of services: Massage Therapy, Manicures, and Pedicures. Our favorite massage service would be the Neck & Back Massage. The preferred pedicure is the Simple Pedicure. Services are “thoughtfully priced”, considering the economy. Meditating Massage definitely is always coupon friendly, matching other Massage Therapy & Nail Care coupons.

Studio Name: Meditating Massage-Wellness Studio
Location: Downtown (2000 Park St., Suite 103 Columbia, SC 29201)
Owner: Family Owned & Operated
Square Footage: Less than 750
      One-On-One Service 
      Therapeutic Massage
      Basic Manicures
Rooms: Waiting Area, Treatment Room A, Treatment Room B, etc.
Hours of Operation:
     Tuesday-Saturday 10am-8pm
     Sunday 11am-6pm
     ( Appointments scheduled after 5pm or on weekends, must call the studio for entry      803-200-2103 ).