our philosophy

Through our techniques and our ability to communicate with the minds and bodies of our clients, we offer a true transformational experience. Clients will learn about relaxation, breathing, surrendering control, and letting go of the mind which will enable them to achieve the inner peace needed for stress relief, stress management, pain management, and mood enhancement. We strongly believe in the healing effects of professional clinical massage therapy/bodywork, making it a necessary part of healthy living.

Our Mission

We emphasize balance of one's health and well-being by concentrating on stress management, fasical restrictions, and healthy lifestyle habits. The facilitation of proper recommendation to other practitioners is imperative for each client's journey to becoming educated on their body's needs to restore, as well as maintain better health. 

Our motto

"Where Wellness is Necessary"

The studio was very professional and the massage is a combination of various types that affect all muscles not just one area. I was extremely pleased with the service and will return. I highly recommend this studio to others.
— Voucher Guest converted Studio Member Since 2013| L.Gianey

STUDIO Quick look

  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Providing Massage Therapy Services to Columbia, SC  &  Surrounding Areas
  • Specialties: One-On-One Service, Professional Clinical Massage TherapyHealth & Wellness Consulting, Wellness Workshop, Community Events, Wellness Programs, and Corporate Events.
  • Rooms: PopUp Wellness Studio*tm
  • Hours of Operation:                                                                                                                                                                       Studio Hours: Monday - Friday 11:00 am to 7:00 pm* (By Appointment Only)                                   *extended hour availability are based on memberships                                                                                            i.e. before 11am or after 7pm)                                                                                Closed:  Saturday thru Sunday  to  Non - Members  (*Effective 04APR18)  

VoucheR | studio GuestPASS (NON-MEMBERS) 

  • Voucher Verification must be placed before any appointment availability is provided
  • Appointments; there is typically a minimum two week wait for any appointment and evening appointments are limited(*all of our awesome Team Members : Studio Management & Volunteer and/or Interns, etc.; work remotely to assist you via email and/or text message)
  • Group/Couple Services are not valid services per voucher redemption (No "same-time" or "back-to-back" booking for Voucher or GuestPass  guest) 
  • Voucher Forfeiture; without 24 hrs. notice of cancellation and/or more then 15 mins. late for a scheduled appointment grants automatic forfeiture of voucher promotional value.(*As we do not call to confirm and/or remind guest about their appointments, our email confirmation and/or text message reminder(s) are sent for your convenience.  It is your responsibility to notify the studio if you do not receive confirmation of your booked appointment via email Titled Confirmation.)
  • Voucher Reservations/Redemption is Limited 1 per Person per Calendar Year; Restricted to First Time Visits Only (*Effective 01FEB18)